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2007.04a: blurb, page
PyraQuant5 fractal music program
2007.02c: blurb, page
"Information Overload" anagrams, Boston Mooninite update
2007.02b: blurb, page
Steve Gray's Oval
2007.02a: blurb, page
Fun and problem with the asinh function
2006.03: blurb, page
Upgrading the disk in an old SCSI laptop
2005.12b: blurb, page
Computer-Composed Theme Song. Update: the code.
2005.12a: blurb, page
Da Vinci-fied Fractal Applet
2005.05: blurb, page
A Better Escher Grid
2005.03: blurb, page
Mandala applet
2005.01: blurb, page
Logitech PlayStation keyboard works with Mac
2004.08: blurb, page
Xanadu "Transclusion"
2004.06: blurb, page
Spam and Learned Helplessness
2003.12: blurb, picture
Happy Decemberween!
2003.11: blurb, page
Technology as Dribble Glass
2003.10: blurb, page
The Jakks Atari TV Game
2003.08b: blurb, page
2003.08a: blurb, page
Finding the Cheapest Gas (puzzle)
2003.07: blurb, picture
What Price Transhumanity?
2003.06: blurb, page
Variations on a Grid by Escher. Update: better.
2003.04: blurb, page
FastMech Mechanical Simulation
2003.01b: blurb, page
Anagrams for "Information Overload"
2003.01a: blurb, picture
Inside a Toaster Oven

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