Newton Poems

(7/26/1995 8:06pm, Poems- Ok)
Sitting here
observing the scene 
what does it mean
playing by the rules
 in a dream
bread crumbs and cream

(7/26/1995 8:32pm, Poems- Ok)

This is why I don't write
the trouble
the trouble
he get in my way
(at The Someday Cafe
 playing reggae)
(7/26/1995 8:46pm, Poems- Ok)

Don't talk to me 
my fish are burning
they run to the sea
to be cool

(7/26/1995 8:47pm, Poems- Ok)

sodium light
on black pavement
no one can stop it

(7/26/1995 8:54pm, Poems- Ok)

happy hamburger
mobile fish
here they wait
they want meat
plow the fields
answer the door
They're coming
 we don't want them 
They have the answer

(7/26/1995 9:08pm, Poems- Ok)

they grew
from a seed
I saw them
I saw them feed
feed me

feed me oats
feed me corn
make me remember
the day I Was born

 (7/28/1995 9:03pm, Poems- Ok)
A boy
sitting on a bike 
smoking a jag 
going for a hike 
why is he here 
where I can see

(7/28/1995 9:05pm, Poems- Ok)

Brandeis Roberts
late at night
a crowded bus stop
on a train to nowhere

(7/28/1995 9:08pm, Poems- Ok)

He walks on
with his teeshirt 
wipes his hair 
with his hand 
the man in the train

(7/28/1995 9:10pm, Poems- Ok)

This is it. 
Lightning poetry 
in a moving box on wheels 
what a deal

(7/28/1995 9:15pm, Poems- Ok)

She is skeptical
as she watches
from her seat
who am I
with this thing 

(7/28/1995 9:24pm, Poems- Ok)

Here I am
alone in the station
with the phones on the wall
for the train man
he rolls in,
he can reach out
and touch someone

(7/28/1995 9:29pm, Poems- Ok)

I write
by the sea
it keeps my mind clear 
you see.
for the thoughts 
that come
like fish

(7/28/1995 9:40pm, Poems- Ok)

Here in the cafe
they talk
I am interested in them 

 (7/28/1995 9:58pm, Poems- Ok)
Onto the next 
the man yells 
my coach
he knows best
past the doubt 
and memories

(7/28/1995 10:01pm, Poems- Ok)

oh it's not as painful 
this time
give me another chance 
watch the 
careful there
--Steve Witham <>