Too Many Anagrams for "Information Overload"

We travel on the quiet road,
The overload.

--Talking Heads

Upon this gifted age, in its dark hour
falls from the sky a meteoric shower of facts;
They lie unquestioned, uncombined.
Wisdom enough to leech us of our ill
is daily spun,
But there exists no loom
to weave it into fabric.
--Edna St. Vincent Millay

	Movie narration flood
	alien oviform tornado
	Inane vomit flood roar
	Forlorn media ovation
	Moderator--fool, in vain
	Mr. Noodle of Variation
	Rend, loom of variation!
	Favor no more dilation.
	information lover ado
        informational overdo
        I love a random info rot.
	Iron oven of Maladroit
	overlord of animation
	Irrational Venom Food
        malodor in favor, I note
	Admiration of no lover
        Innovator, fool, I dream.
	Inviolate maroon Ford
	Formation on evil road
	Marianne, voodoo flirt
	Love on arid formation
	Diorama inventor fool
	in an old favorite room
	veranda folio monitor
	informative Dora Loon
	noontime-arrival food
	inordinate moo flavor
	monotone flavor radii
	triennial voodoo farm
	forlorn aviation demo
	Motorola invader info
	formative indoor loan
	Alfredo into Monrovia
Jan. 2001:
	Floridian maroon vote
Feb. 2007:
        Mooninite valor road.
        Viral ad for Moonite?  No!
From David Brittan:
        No variation of me, Lord.
        I am far too in love, Dr. No.
        And no more trivia, fool.
Programs used:
mainly Ars Magna (=anagrams) by Michael Morton (=Mr Machine Tool)
Anagram Genius (for "innovator, fool...")
Silly back-story:
In the late years of the last century, I began an investigation...
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--Steve Witham