The Search for One-Eye Jimmy


"The Search for One-Eye Jimmy" was a street comedy originally brought to Orenda Films by Nicholas Turturro and writer/director Sam Henry Kass that Orenda Films decided to produce. Starting with only $70,000 and a cast that included, Nicholas Turturro, John Turturro, Ray Mancini, Holt McCallany, Michael Badalucco and Lodge Kerrigan. Casting Director, Marcia Shulman, was able to round out an excellent cast.

The shooting plan with so little money was to shoot the entire film in four weeks all within four blocks of Red Hook, Brooklyn in order to not have to rent trucks. Most of the funds was spent on film stock and food. The cast and crew worked for deferred payment and good food. This delayed the release of the film as funds had to be found to pay the deferrals prior to release. Finally Cabin Fever Entertainment acquired the film for theatrical release in 1996 and paid off the deferrals.

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