Reader name:
We need to provide a rebranded name for the rebranded reader.
It should be no more than two words, each word no more than 10

About dialog
Provide a web address, email address, and a couple or a few additional lines
and icon, but with the iSilo title in a smaller font.

A b o u t ReaderName
R e a d e r N a m e
iSilo(TM) v.4.15
(c)1999-2004 DC & Co.
All rights reserved.  
The VA disclaims any and all liability for consequences resulting
from the use of this program.


iSilo readable documents
Although your rebranded reader will not have the ability to read
normal iSilo documents, we have the option of whether or not we
want the normal iSilo reader to be able to read our documents.

The main consideration here is for those individuals who have
iSilo on their device already. Such individuals may feel that
they do not want to also install your rebranded reader because
it would just take up additional memory.