Born 1943 - Cincinnati, Ohio
Lives and works in New York City
since 1972

The Painter catalogues his work beginning in 1970. This is the point at which he found his identity as a painter and his work became independent of his student work.

There are more than 60 paintings in public collections in the United States and Europe and approximately 560 paintings in private collections in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia. The Painter owns representative examples of his own work.

The Painter is the recipient of :

Berwanger Award, presented in 1997 by
His Grace Clarence Rufus J. Rivers, Ph.D.

Doctor of Fine Arts Honorary, presented in
2010 by the Art Academy of Cincinnati





Red Painting
Acrylic and Linen on Stretcher
72" x 69" 1996 No. 5
Collection of Rose Art Museum
Brandeis University
Hays Acquisition Fund