New Years Weekend 1992-2010

Vic Ceder (CA)
Clark Baker (MA)

East Hill Farm
Troy, NH

The final weekend took place Sunday January 1 - Tuesday January 3, 2012

Hard C3B (with star tips)

6 Dance sessions
6 Meals
2 Nights Lodging

$275 per person

We hope to see you there!

General Information

After 20 years, the New Years weekend is no longer. Partly because we lost our favorite venue and partly because Clark got a full-time job. This page remains as a reminder of what was. Thanks to Lynette, Ben, Vic, Rob, Sue, Fujuse, and all the C3 and C4 dancers who supported it for so many years.

I hosted the final New Years weekend at East Hill Farm in Troy, NH.

By starting on Sunday, New Year's day, and everyone having Monday as a holiday, I was able to obtain a facility for our weekend. Miriam and I had our honeymoon here in 1980 (I was attending a caller school), and I have held my last 4 Tech Squares weekends here. They have great people running it, a good facility, plenty of housing options, and yummy food. I think you will be pleased.

This weekend features five sessions of C3B called at dance speed with heavy use of concepts and phantoms and one session of C4 (C-Gulls level). We use Vic Ceder's rotation system. The festivities start with the first dance on Sunday afternoon at 3pm and run through the end of lunch at 1:30 PM on Tuesday.

East Hill Farm hosts square dance and family weekends. Included are lodging for three days and two nights, six meals, snacks, and coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and lemonade available all the time. They have a floating wooden dance floor, several recreation rooms, an indoor swimming pool (bring a swim suit), hot tub, sauna, and outdoor ice rink. All the facilities are non-smoking. In addition they are a working farm with much to see and do on the farm. Finally, they have an extensive set of hiking trails, which are suitable for skiing and snowshoeing.

Getting there: If you fly, your alternatives are:

Driving directions are available here.

There is no "extra day -- play games" option this year. You should plan on arriving on Sunday, January 1, 2012 in time for the first dance at 3pm.

Housing options: East Hill Farm is a much larger facility with 71 sleeping rooms in 3 different price ranges in separate buildings over their property. These buildings are 1 to 5 minutes walk from the main building where we will be dancing and eating.

There are three different categories of housing: basic, mid-price, and deluxe. Within each category, the room has either two twin beds or one of a double bed (basic), a queen bed (mid-price), or a king bed (deluxe). Most rooms have private baths, and some deluxe rooms have an adjacent living room with a working fireplace.

Unlike Lake Shore, each room either has a double (or queen or king) bed or two twin beds. On your form you must be clear if you need two twin beds or one double (or queen or king) bed. Some of the guests who are staying over from New Years Eve will still be at the facility during part of our weekend so all 71 rooms are not available to us. We have a few basic and deluxe rooms available and almost all the midprice rooms.

Check out the site and room maps available here. You can also see and read more here. Look carefully to see what type of bathroom and size beds each room has. I will try to give you specific rooms if you request them. Also, if possible, I will try to accommodate people who need a single room (EHF has waived the single surcharge for our weekend).

Here are the rates (per person) for 2 days, 6 meals, 6 dances, tax and tip included:

Dancing starts at 3pm on Sunday. Your room should be available by 2pm and you are welcome to arrive anytime on Sunday and get a tour of the facility, visit the barns, hang out in the public areas, etc. If you want lunch on Sunday, let me know. It is an additional $12.50.

East Hill Farm is holding a New Year's Eve party Saturday night. If you want to partake, they have some rooms available in each price range. I don't expect to be there, but you are welcome to partake. The cost is $130 (or $140, or $152) per person for dinner, a live band, a midnight breakfast, another breakfast in the morning, and Sunday lunch. Let me know.

Please e-mail me your intent to attend, and what room you want ASAP. Answer these questions in your e-mail:

Send me your payment by mid-November (make checks payable to Clark Baker).

This weekend is open to anyone who can do the level. You need to be real good at C3, probably working on C4 to succeed and enjoy the weekend. If you have never attended, you should have workshopped tapes from previous years. If you know someone who should come, but needs that personal touch, let me know.

On the other hand, this weekend isn't appropriate for everyone. If you found yourself in a lot of unsuccessful squares last year, or if you can't do the tapes of the weekend without stopping the tape (say once per sequence or more), this isn't the right weekend for you. Even strong C3 dancers find this a fast, challenging weekend so you should consider whether that's the type of weekend you'll enjoy. Moreover, if during the weekend your squares have been having problems at the floor level, please don't take a number for the C4.

Clark Baker
426 Marsh St.
Belmont, MA 02478-1109


Year Caller Caller Caller Dancers Attendees Rooms
1992 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 52 27
1993 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 58 33
1994 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 64 36
1995 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 56 33
1996 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 67 38
1997 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 51 31
1998 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 47 29
1999 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 51 28
2000 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 46 28
2001 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 57 35
2002 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini 56 33
2003 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini Rob French 49 54 30
2004 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini Yoo Fujuse 51 60 34
2005 Clark Baker Ben Rubright Rob French 46 51 29
2006 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini Vic Ceder 54 59 32
2007 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini Sue Curtis 56 57 32
2008 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini Vic Ceder 44 44 25
2009 Clark Baker Lynette Bellini Sue Curtis 43 45 28
2010 Clark Baker Vic Ceder Sue Curtis 48 52 28
2011 Clark Baker Vic Ceder 47 49 33