Tech Squares Weekend

March 2-4, 2018

The Inn at East Hill Farm
Troy, NH

Squares: Michael Kellogg (Northridge, California)
Rounds: Mary Pickett (NJ)

Hard Plus Level (with star tips)

5 Dance sessions
6 Meals
2 Nights Lodging
1 Wooden Dance Floor

MIT students: $125
Everyone else: $252, $262, or $276

+++ Financial aid available +++

General Information

I will be hosting the 24th annual Tech Squares weekend, exclusively for Tech Squares family and friends at East Hill Farm in Troy, NH (about 2 hours from Cambridge, MA),

This weekend features three sessions of Michael Kellogg calling full Plus, at speed, and Mary Pickett cueing rounds. You may find this weekend's plus level dancing harder than Tuesday night's, especially if you haven't been exposed many other callers. During Saturday morning and afternoon there are mini-sessions covering a wide range of dance activities most of which are aimed at Plus dancers. The weekend also includes star tips at all levels, higher level rounds, and a midnight contra dance for all. The festivities start Friday with dinner at 6:30 and run through the end of lunch on Sunday. You are welcome to arrive after lunch on Friday, or stay later on Sunday. In the past Friday afternoon has seen good puzzle and board game sessions, along with drill or practice dancing sessions.

The Saturday morning and afternoon activities will be scheduled based on your indicated interests. Some examples from previous years: dancing arky, gemini, and mirror, hexagons, playing with a few challenge concepts, progressive squares, classic singing calls, dancing to tapes of the Pacific Northwest Teen Festival, calling and dancing in the pool (including hexagons), calling and dancing on ice skates (watch that flow), and dancing extra tips of A2, C1, and an hour of rounds. Please note your interests on the registration form; tell us your favorites from the past and suggest new ideas for this year. If any callers or cuers would like to lead a dance session, please note that, too.

Some of the more interesting unscheduled activities from the past years include visiting the barns, feeding/milking animals, bell ringing, and dancing Casino Rueda.

Extra Day: Come a day early and spend time doing whatever you want to (including sleeping). You may arrive anytime after lunch on Thursday. $110 (assumes basic housing) gets you an extra room night and Friday breakfast and lunch. We are offering a light meal Thursday night (soup, salad/sandwich, beverage, dessert) for an additional $12.50.

East Hill Farm hosts square dance and family weekends. Included are lodging for three days and two nights, six meals, snacks, and coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, cookies, fruit available all the time. They have a floating wooden dance floor which can hold 12 squares, several recreation rooms, an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, and outdoor ice rink (if it is cold enough outside). All the facilities are non-smoking. In addition they are a working farm with much to see and do on the farm. Finally, they have an extensive set of hiking trails, which are suitable for skiing and snowshoeing.

Registration form: Your most important step is to fill out a registration form and give it (along with a $50 deposit per person) to Clark at Tech on Tuesday or mail it to the address below.

The facility: This will be our 11th year at East Hill Farm. To get orientated to the facility, Sola Grantham has created this map of the grounds. While most of your time will be spent in the main building, much of the housing is in separate buildings around the property. These buildings are 1 to 5 minutes walk from the main building.

Do we all fit? So far we have all fit. However, for the last two years we were completely full. Based on your comments we limit admission to 120 paying dancers and have instituted a Weekend Application Policy for what to do if we are oversubscribed. Your most important job is to sign up by the deadline.

Housing preferences:After we receive your registration, we will email you a link to a short survey on your housing needs. Hazel will again be doing housing.

Transportation:About two weeks before the weekend we will email you some transportation information and ask that you respond with your information. Some of you can offer rides and some of you need rides. Miriam will again be doing rides.

Dogs: While EHF allows dogs, there is an extra charge and they are only allowed to be housed in certain rooms. Also, we want to ensure that they don't bother the other people in that housing. Therefore, you can indicate on your application that you would like to bring a dog, but until we assign housing and let you know that it worked out, it isn't a sure thing.

Financial aid: We offer MIT students a steep discount and financial aid for others. If you can help contribute towards this aid, it would be appreciated. The system works because lots of us contribute. I expect the amount will be under $20 -- it was $18 last year.

To make the collecting of financial aid easier, I will no longer keep secret who contributes to financial aid. If I post a list of people and how much they owe, it will include the financial aid so others will be able to infer that you are a contributor. If this is a problem, let me know.

If you need financial aid, please read our Financial Aid Policy. This system has worked well and allows everyone who is interested to attend.

Clark Baker
426 Marsh St.
Belmont, MA 02478-1109


Year Caller Cuer(s) Venue Dancers Attendees Rooms
1995 John Sybalsky Veronica McClure and Hope Belanger LSF 47 47 28
1996 John Sybalsky Lou and Steve Toth LSF 64 69 39
1997 John Sybalsky Lou and Steve Toth LSF 54 58 31
1998 John Sybalsky Lou and Steve Toth LSF 56 61 34
1999 John Sybalsky Lou and Steve Toth LSF 50 52 29
2000 John Sybalsky Lou and Steve Toth LSF 69 73 41
2001 John Sybalsky Lou and Steve Toth LSF 74 78 40
2002 John Sybalsky Lou and Steve Toth LSF 88 92 43
2003 Jerry Jestin Dave Goss LSF 69 71 37
2004 Jerry Jestin Mary Pickett LSF 78 86 41
2005 Vic Ceder Mary Pickett LSF 77 84 37
2006 Vic Ceder Mary Pickett LSF 85 92 39
2007 Dave Wilson Mary Pickett LSF 101.5 111 43
2008 Dave Wilson Mary Pickett EHF 116 133 70
2009 Tim Marriner Mary Pickett EHF 110 118 69
2010 Tim Marriner Mary Pickett EHF 99 115 71
2011 Sandie Bryant Mary Pickett EHF 96 115 66
2012 Sandie Bryant Mary Pickett EHF 87 103 61
2013 Vic Ceder Mary Pickett EHF 106 124 70
2014 Vic Ceder Mary Pickett EHF 94 119 68
2015 Bear Miller Mary Pickett EHF 106 131 71
2016 Bryan Clark Mary Pickett EHF 123 154 74
2017 Bryan Clark Mary Pickett EHF 118 154 71

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