Lindsay Russell

Date: June, 2000
Place: MIT Campus
Occasion: Fifty-year Class Reunion

Lindsay Russell
August 25, 1927 - October 6, 2000

Memorial Service
MIT Chapel
October 14, 2000
The Rev. Robert K Kaynor,

"He hid his light under a bushel -- it never showed except as he lit up the lives of others."

Private letters of condolence to the family can be sent to Dorothy (Russell) Baker (his sister).

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to any of the following organizations, each of which played an important part in Lindsay's life:

A biography from 1994 that Lindsay wrote for a running e-mail list is available here.

The biography from Spring 2000 that Lindsay wrote for his 50th college reunion book is available here.

Lindsay was an early pioneer (mid 1960's) in the area of electronic mobility aids for the blind. He called his product the Pathsounder. To see how this field evolved see Electronic Travel Aid Patents. Also check out The Future of Blind Navigation.

Lindsay was webmaster for the MIT Class of 1950 web pages and the TDC web pages. He was also instrumental in getting the National Braille Press on the web.

The Class of 1950 Willow plaque can be viewed here.

Bob Mann's reflections from the memorial service are available here.

If anyone has memories of Lindsay that they would like to share, please mail them to Clark Baker (his nephew) at, and they will be posted here.

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