Clark Baker's C3B Teaching Order

This is the schedule I used for teaching C3B in a week in 2002 in Plon, Germany. The corresponding schedule for C3A can be found here.

The teaching order has been chosen with great care. Each call has been given a number for teaching effort and a number related to the amount of practice time necessary to master the call. The sessions are approximately the same size based on this teaching and review load.

The 13 concepts have been distributed over the 12 sessions. Calls which have similar names, starting formations, dance actions, or are commonly confused with each other are separated in the teaching order. There are a number of "tagging" calls. These have been distributed over the initial teaching sessions, one per session. Most sessions contain a large, dancing call.

Some calls which require lots of dancing to master are placed early in the schedule. The end of the schedule contains a few simple calls which can be safely left to the end. We will still have two dance sessions to practice them.

More than a few calls have extensions and variations. Once we master the base call and seem to be doing well with it, I will introduce the variations. This may be several teach or dance sessions later.

I recommend A Ceder Chest of C3 by Vic Ceder as a source of definitions. Before each teaching session you should review the definitions of the calls which will be taught so that you won't be hearing about each call for the first time. I will teach each call, and offer some hints and observations.

June 2005: I just completed teaching C3B to a square with 7 new dancers in 2 weekends of five 2 1/2 hour sessions. I combined sessions 1 & 2 and 11 & 12. While the start was OK, it would have been nice to have had an extra session at which I taught session 12 and did lots of practice.

This group of learners had several comments about the teaching order. I will take these into account and update this teaching order before the next time I use it.

  1. Move Reverse The Top away from the Swap The Top variations
  2. Move Revolve To A Wave away from Change The Wave
  3. Move Swing O Late away from Change The Centers (same start action)
  4. Separate Ripoff from Good Show. Even though one is a 4-dancer call and the other is an 8-dancer call, they feel too similar
  5. Separate Change Lanes and Change Your Image further. It was OK to do Change The Wave and Change The Centers together in session 3. Adding Change Your Image in session 8 was OK. Adding Change Lanes in session 9 got them all confused. Space the 3 "Change" calls evenly.
  6. The 3 versions of Cross Cycle need extra care and should be separately listed in the teaching order.

When teaching Revolve To A Wave, we found the Leads U Turn Back to the Right and all Facing Recycle was the best. However, you must allow everyone to do it that way and give them enough time initially so they get good at it.

July 2009: I am revising this again as I head to Plon for another teach week.

September 2009: The teach week went well and the teaching order only had two minor glitches: Having done all the Swap The Top variations from the first session, and uaing them mainly from a Squared Set, when I finally encountered Reverse The Top on lesson 3, and called it from a Squared Set, dancers were confused.

I think Chuck A Luck on lesson 7 is too close to Scramble in lesson 8 as they are both done from lines back-to-back.

C3B Teaching Order

SessionTeachReviewCallVariation #1Variation #2Variation #3
111Central Concept
112Mirror Concept
112Swap the Top variations:MirrorCrossMirror Cross
122Revolve to a Wave
112Swing o Late
2221/4 Cast and Relay1/2 and 3/4
212Chase The Tag
211Fan Concept
222Interlocked Scoot and Counter
222ReactivateCrossAny Tagging Call
311(Any Tagging Call) and Scatter
312Change the WaveChange The Centers
323Diagonal Box Concept
312Lickety Split
311Reverse the Top
312In Reverse Order Concept
413Cross Flip the Line
422Flip Your Lid
412Gee Whiz
423Lift OffLift Off But
422Twosome Concept
422Rip Off
512Busy (Any Call)
512Cross Cycle (2-Face Line)FractionsFacing CouplesBox
511Explode the Diamond
522Interlocked Scoot and Rally
512Pitch (Direction)
523Split Phantom BoxesDiamonds1/4 Tags
512Track 0 | 1 | 3 | 4
612Criss Cross the Deucey
612Loop and TagCross
622Magic Lines/Waves ConceptMagic Diamonds
612Reverse the Pass
613Rotates (from Columns)SingleReverseReverse Single
612Z Axle
712Chuck a LuckCross
712Good Show
722Reflected (Any Tagging Call)
722Trapezoid Concept
712Wave the (Anyone)
712Tag the TopAny Tagging Call
812By Golly
812Change Your Image
822Interlocked Scoot and Ramble
823Nuclear ReactionCrossAny Tagging Call
822Triple Waves Working ForwardLinesBackwards
922Random (Any Concept) Concept
922Reverse Checkpoint
923Strut Right/LeftSingle
912Turn the KeyThe Key
1011Cross Lockit
1022Phantom Waves ConceptLinesColumns
1012Shake and Rattle
1012Take N
1012Trade the Diamond
1012With Confidence
1122Divide the Ocean/Sea
1112Line to Line
1122N Steps at a TimeCross
1122Rotary Circulate
1112Z Concept (4 dancers only)
1212Two-Faced Concept
1212Change Lanes

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