Clark Baker's C3A Teaching Order

This is the schedule I used for teaching C3A in a week in 1998 in Plon, Germany. The corresponding schedule for C3B can be found here.

C3A Teaching Order

SessionTeachReviewCallVariation #1Variation #2Variation #3
112initially concept
111interlocked scoot back
122link up
112open up the columnopen up and anycall
2111/4 mix3/4 mix
212catch anycall 1-2-3-4
212drift apart
222explode the top
212interlocked scoot & littleinterlocked little
212interlocked scoot & little moreinterlocked little more
211lock the hingeanycall the lock
212swap the top
211travel thru
3121/4 the deucey3/4 the deucey
311follow to a diamond
313interlocked scoot & plentyinterlocked plenty
323plan ahead
312quick stepquick anycall
323split phantom waves conceptsplit phantom lines conceptsplit phantom columns concept
311trade the deucey
312triple play
4111/4 wheel the ocean1/4 wheel the sea3/4 wheel the ocean3/4 wheel the sea
422exchange the boxesexchange the triangle
412jay concept
413polly wallysingle polly wally
412reach out
412scatter circulate
422scoot and cross countercross counter
412touch by fraction by fraction
511any tagging call chain thru
522scoot and fancyfancy
511single ferris wheel
521single rotary spin
522single turn to a line
512spin the pulleyspin the pulley butthe pulley (but)
512wind the bobbin
612bias circulate
623big block concept
622follow your leaderany tagging call your leaderswitch your leader
612release anycall
622scoot and rallyrally
622swing the gamutthe gamut
7118 by, anycall
722peel chain thru
712recoilsingle file recoil
711scoot reactionany tagging call reaction
721single file recycle
712spin chain the line
722tagger's delighttagger's dilemmaany tagging call er's delight/dilemma
811beau hopbelle hopanyone hop
822checkerbox anycallcheckerboard anycall
812ease off
811flare out to a line
812latch on
811scoot the diamond
811split checkmate
822triple diamond concept
922cross chain reaction
912expand the column
922grand swing & mixgrand mix
922keep busy
912once removed diamond concept
911relocate the setup
912swing chain thru
1012breaker 1-2-3breaker anycall
1022locker's choiceanycall er's choice
1022own the anyone, anycall by anycall
1012reverse cut the diamondreverse flip the diamond
1012strip the diamondsstrip the setup
1012team up
1022wrap to a diamondwrap to an hourglasswrap to a galaxywrap to an interlocked diamond
1111couple upsplit trade couple up
1112mini chase
1112patch the anyone
1111rolling ripple
1111shove off
1122slant touch & wheelslant anycall and anycall
1113stable concept
1212snap the lock
1212something new
1212trip the set

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