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Square Dance Caller for your event

If you are looking for a square dance caller for your event,
Zoom out for more results. The map was created on January 2011 from data available on www.ceder.net.

Baker and Alexander Family links

Clark's pages for general consumption, mostly square dancing related

Board Games

  • Boardgames Clark Likes
  • Dominion teaching idea—for those easily overwhelmed

    Historical (1980 or earlier) or about history of square dance

    Modern (since 1980)

    Wordle: Lee Kopman's Square Dance Calls

    Contra Dancing

    Clark's Dances and Weekends

    CALLERLAB Definition Committee business

    Quilt by Gayle Thomas (1996) -- Will be appreciated by quilters, those who like Irish jigs and reels, and perhaps dancers who like patterns in motion.

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