John L. Pearlman

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V 1.02, 26 July 2002

Good folk, welcome, one and all, to my website. I am a scientific sofware developer (currently semi-retired) with 40 years experience. An out-of-date version of my resume is available here. I live in Burlington, MA.

I have been married to my wife Eleanor (nee Weinstein) for over 35 years. Our older daughter, Becky Feld, a clinical pharmacist, her husband, Harold, a lawyer, and their son Aaron (Ari), live in Silver Spring MD. Becky's page contains a link to several pictures of Aaron, I'm in one of them and Eleanor is in another one. Our younger daughter, Nomi Burstein, an editor, and her husband, Michael, an award winning science fiction author and a teacher in a private high school, live in Brookline, MA. Nomi's and Michael's pages each contain a link to a few of their wedding pictures (Eleanor and I are in the mob scene)

I've been on the nets since 1987 and I have a large number of friends with whom I exchange humor and other thoughts of interest. I also enjoy photography, reading (these days, almost entirely non-fiction) and listening to classical music. If you would like to contact me, click here.