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Grand Canyon State; "Ditat Deus"; Paloverde; "Arizona"


MAHJONG (one "G") is for American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Play-Styles. (152 to 160 Mahjong tiles required, with English Numerations & Jokers)
MAHJONGG (two "G"s) is for Traditional/Chinese/International Play-Styles. (136 to 144 Mahjongg tiles required, NO Jokers, w/ or w/o English Numerations)

American/Jewish(w/Jokers) Jong Players {Saguaro Cactus Blossoms}[Tempe, Arizona 85283 I'd like to play in a group somewhat near. Could be Chandler, also.I'm looking for a fun group. I just bought tiles and have played for a few months.Thank you][Arizona 85718 I live in Tucson and played Mah Jongg decades ago. I am trying to relearn and start playing. I have Googled to find a teacher or groups but to no avail. Can you direct me to an instructor or a group in Tucson? Laraine][I live in north central Phoenix 85021 and looking for an intermediate group to play with.]
Live up in Cave Creek and am trying to connect with several near-by fellow enthusiasts (or folks interested in learning) on regular, weekly basis to play American MJ. Don't really want to be part of a large, structured club... looking for small, friendly group. Contact Cindy at or 480-748-1707. Arizona 85331.[Interested in learning more about Mahjong. Have played a couple of times. Live in North Glendale, Arizona. Can you help? Kathy][I live in Tucson, Jan-June on the west side. I am looking for mahjong groups to join. I know how to play and have my own set.][Hi, I am Gloria in Lake Charles, LA. I have a cousin who lives in Tucson and she is interested in learning how to play Mah Jongg. I found your email address when I Googled "Mah Jongg Tucson". I have been playing since the 70's. We have a very large MJ group here and I teach as well. Is there anyone in Tucson who teaches? If so, please let me know so that I can let Nancy get in touch with that person. Thanks so much.][Hi, Would you know of any mah jong lessons in the West valley area of Phoenix? My sister lives in Glendale and I told her how much fun I had at my lessons here in Southern California, but it seems harder to find in the Glendale area.[Chandler 85226 looking for games. Hello, I am looking to learn the game of Maj Jongg. I live nearby Ray and I-10. I just received my new set and I am excited to learn. Please email me with any details you may have.][I too live in Az 6 mos., 6 mos. In Meridian, near Linder and McMillan. Would like to continue playing here. Have tiles, will travel. Also have good rules and instructions][Sent from my iPhone Arizona 85338 I just moved to west valley and I am an experienced mah Jong player would like to find a mah Jong group anywhere not to far away. Thanks Loretta][interested in finding a weekly day-time Mah Jongg game. I am a beginner and have only played about 10 times. I live in the north Phoenix area][Are there any clubs or groups in west side of Tucson][Glendale 85308 interested in finding a weekly day-time or evening Mah Jongg game. I am a beginner and have only played a handful of times. I live in the North Phoenix area][I am new to Phoenix and love to play Mah Jong. I have not played in a few years but would love to join a group and start up again] [I'm trying to find a MJC my mom can join. She is 60 and has been playing for several years. She is living in Gilbert AZ 85324 so going to Chandler wouldn't be too far. Let me know if you have room for her.][clubs in the area of Northwest Pheonix?] [Have a Mahjongg set and would like to learn how to play. I am located in the central Phoenix area][85233 EXPERIENCED MAHJONG PLAYER IN THE EAST VALLEY][interested in playing Mah Jong in Tucson] ||| Tucson group needs an additional player. Intermediate preferred but beginner is ok too. We meet Thursdays at 10-12:00 near River & Campbell. Email[Scottsdale] |||[Scottsdale][Tucson] |||[Tucson][my grandmother moved to Chandler, Arizona recently and is going through Mah Jhong withdrawal. My grandma is in her 70s and is a skilled Mah Jhong player who is looking to play with other skilled players. She has been playing for 50+ years. I also created a group for her looking for Mah Jhong games. Please feel free to look it up at Thanks for your help. My grandma left 3 weekly games in New Jersey and I want to try to help her find her lifeline :)][Chandler 85226 Beginner group, Tuesdays at 12:00 the Chandler Senior Center. Will teach interested people. Easy going friendly group.][Chandler 85248 willing to teach & looking for players][Chandler] |||[Phoenix][Peoria] |||[Scottsdale beginner][Phoenix 85035 I do not know how to play and would very much like to learn. I have a Mahjongg set, but do not know what type it is] |||[phoenix 85021][I am interested to learn this game. Cactus and Scottsdale Rd area][Scottsdale 85254 existing group looking for players][Phoenix 85024 evenings, willing to teach][Scottsdale 85254 would like to join an existing game or willing to teach to start a new group][Tucson 85755 New Player, will adapt, interested in finding a group to play with, Oro Valley][Scottsdale] |||[Scottsdale] |||[Phoenix 85051][Prescott] |||[Pheonix][Chandler 85226] |||[Tucson new learner][Scottsdale] |||[Tucson][Phoenix] |||[Scottsdale][Marana Pima 85653] |||[Scottsdale] |||[Glendale]

Traditional/Chinese/International Jongg Players {Cactus Wrens}[Hi; I am snow birding in Apache Junction 85119 and looking for mah Jongg groups. (International, not American) from WY 2016 Please contact me with group info or to get a new group going!][carefree 85262 Chinese style. I am interested in starting a group to play in North Scottsdale. I have table, tiles and happy to host game][I am interested to learn this game. Cactus and Scottsdale Rd area][Phoenix] |||[Chandler, Japanese][Phoenix] |||[Scottsdale][phoenix 85021][Gilbert] |||[Phoenix 85051][Tucson 85755 New Player, will adapt, interested in finding a group to play with, Oro Valley][Mesa 85208 Japanese] ||| mkricum[[Scottsdale 85254] |||[Tucson][Phoenix 85035 I do not know how to play and would very much like to learn. I have a Mahjongg set, but do not know what type it is][Prescott] |||[Scottsdale][Scottsdale beginner] |||[Tucson wright-patterson]

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