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The Beginnings of the Free Speech Movement within Slate, an interview of Michael Lamport Commons by Hadley Anne Solomon, conducted 1990-1991.

Birth of the Free Speech Movement, excerpted from Michael Rossman (1971). The Wedding within the War. New York: Doubleday.

Written October 3, 1964. “Here is only a fragment, a precise slice out of time, the exact beginning of the FSM.…The morning after we ended our two-day besiegement of the cop car, while people were busy meeting to formally declare the Free Speech Movement and condense its initial structures, I sat down alone with a tape recorder. Torn open, everything boiling in me, I had to get it out some way.”

SLATE and Due Process

Abstract from full text. “On the stated ground that he had no other recourse after…Slate committed an ‘apparent violation’ of its terms of recognition, Dean William F. Shepard suspended the group from its on-campus status, effective June 9, 1961…In the suspension of Slate we believe that the fundamental democratic guarantee of due process has been violated by the Administration.’”

The Fight against Compulsory ROTC
, by Robert Johnson, Elsa Johnson, and Eve Clarke.