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William M. Mandel (1999). Saying No to Power. Berkeley, CA: Creative Arts.

“Many more people like to read about human lives than about history. I want people to know the history of how ordinary Americans learned to struggle for their own interests from the Great Depression to this day. As a radio personality (my program ran 37 years), a member of the Free Speech Movement at the University of California, an ‘unfriendly witness’ before the McCarthy Committee and the House Un-American Activities Committee, a civil rights activist South and North, and a recognized Soviet-affairs scholar (Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution, etc.), I have been able to present a social history of the U.S. in this century in the form of the autobiography of an individual who has led a particularly exciting life.”

Michael Miller (2000). Organizing for Social Change: What We Did Right, What Went Wrong, How We Can Overcome. Social Policy, 31: 4-12.

Ruminations provoked by the SLATE reunion. Mike Miller is executive director of the San Francisco-based ORGANIZE! Training Center and serves as a consultant with Christians Supporting Community Organizing (CSCO).