Since before its founding, the United States of America has depended upon its militias to defend and maintain its freedom from incursion by foreign adversaries on American soil. Although frequently the subjects of scorn or ridicule, there are over 500 militias in existence within the country's borders today. Since 2013, China has openly been conducting invasions in America, only this time the invasions do not entail "boots on the ground". They are digital in nature. Blueprints for the latest-generation fighters and bombers have been stolen. Chinese knockoffs can be found in the skies today.

Other than military technology, the single greatest target for China is the United States' power grid which depends, in part, upon nuclear power plants. Unit 61398, an office within the Peoples' Liberation Army, was created to initiate hacking attacks on adversaries in the realms of industry, energy, and intellectual property. In 2019, the target upon which they focused was the American power grid. A group known as the Michigan Cyberwarfare Militia, in concert with the National Security Agency, collaborated to fend off such an attack.

In the aftermath, the nation's opinion of the militia movement in America came under enhanced scrutiny. Some groups collected information on them as "hate groups" and the FBI used this information in their databases. But their performance during and after a cyberattack on the country's power grid caused that information and those databases to be reassessed.

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Christopher Allan Knowles, M.P.A.
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

For the past twenty-seven years I have been, first, the Director of the Visiting Nurse Service (VNS) and, then, the Director of Finance and Special Projects of the medical and behavioral health programs, of Martha's Vineyard Community Services which has cared for the residents of the six towns (Aquinnah, Chilmark, Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury and West Tisbury) on Martha's Vineyard since 1991. In July of 2005 I was named the Special Projects Manager for Martha's Vineyard Hospital and in December of 2010 I assumed the position of Health Director of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah).

While the path I traveled to come to be who, and where, I am today has been a long and winding one, I was fortunate to have arrived on Martha's Vineyard essentially intact, and I am grateful to those I met along the way who helped me to grow and learn. A handful are listed below; the rest know who they are.

The Sidwell Friends School: Class of '67
University of Virginia: Engineering, 1967-1968
Georgetown University: Economics, 1968-1970
United States Air Force: Intelligence Analyst, 1970-1974
University of Hawaii: Engineering, 1972-1973
University of Nebraska: Bachelor of Arts, Political Geography, Class of '75
Drake University: Master of Public Administration, Class of '82
Fordham University: doctoral student in Econometrics, 1987-1991
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"A veteran is someone who wrote a blank check, payable to The United States of America, for an amount up to and including his life.
The currency of freedom is the blood, sweat, and tears of a nation's people."

Gene Castagnetti, Director
National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

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